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Jogoo Maize Meal 10 kg

Fortified With 9 Vitamins And Minerals

KES. 579

KES. 600

Salit Vegetable Cooking Oil 10 L

Fortified with Vitamin A & D which is good for children's growth

KES. 1,360

KES. 1,500

Economy Sugar White 5 kg

Supporting Kenya's economy

KES. 525

KES. 565

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Omo Detergent Powder 1 kg

KES. 299
vintage dress

Aquamist Drinking Water 20 l Refill

KES. 570
vintage dress

Highlands Tropical Drink 5 L

KES. 760
vintage dress

Pampers Baby Dry Size 4 Maxi 7-18 kg 32 Pieces

KES. 730
vintage dress

So Soft Fabric Softener & Conditioner

KES. 1000
vintage dress

Pearl Pishori Rice 5 kg

KES. 1,200
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Prestige Margarine 10 kg Bucket

KES. 2,300
vintage dress

6x3x8 Slumberfoam Hdp mattress

KES. 7,250
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