11mm By 270mm Glue Sticks-50 Pieces

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Appliances – trim and gasket installation. Automobiles – interior trim and seating assembly. Furniture – cabinet and panel assembly. Electronics – encapsulation and wire tacking. Packaging – Case closing, carton and bad sealing, wrapping and pallet stabilization. For commercial or businesses, household, hobby and craft applications, inexpensive glue sticks are used for parts assembly, repairs and bonding dissimilar materials. Variable heat glue guns enable precise control of viscosity and set times. Most hot glue comes in the form of cylindrical stick Accepts color additives to match the materials being bonded. Depending on its specific formulation,it allows exact positioning of parts when assembled. Glues with reactive agents allow additional curing and bond strength through the use of moisture or UV radiation. Many hot glue formulas exceed the bonding strength of epoxy.