How to shop on Avechi

Buying on is really easy. Search for a specific products or browse through our product categories , select your product of choice and use any of our multiple convenient payment options to pay for the product.

1 Search and browse through products

we have a wide range of products to choose from. To find a product of choice you can use any of the following:

Method a: You can use the search box at the top of the page to look for a specific product. Simply type in a keyword and either select one of the suggestions given or just search for the keyword.

search for products

Method b: you can also explore our category of products using the "All Categories" menu, navigate through your favorite categories where you will find a wide selection of products under the different sub-categories.


Method c: Another great method of finding products is to browse through our homepage to find amazing deals that we have to offer.


2 Select a product, learn about it and add it to cart

Once you have found the product you are looking for click on it to check it out. Go through the product images, details and specifications. check the shipping details, estimated delivery period and payment mode for the product. If the price is convenient for you, click "Add to cart". Our customer care representatives will always be available and can be reached through whatsapp or facebook incase you need any clarifications or have any special requests.


Once you add the product to cart, you will see new information on your page as shown below, you can then proceed to checkout by clicking on "Go to checkout" at the bottom of the page or continue shopping.


3 Review the cart and proceed to checkout

You can easily access the cart page or go to checkout at any time during your shopping buy just clicking on the "Shopping cart icon" to the right of the search field. Once the small section opens click on the "view and edit cart" to go to the cart page or "go to checkout" to proceed to checkout.


Once on the cart page you can review it to make sure that all the products you want to buy are there then click "Go to checkout".


4 Enter your shipping information and choose an appropriate delivery method.

Before typing in your shipping information you can either sign in if you have an Avechi account or proceed as guest if you do not have one.

Option a: If you have an account with Avechi, you can login. After logging in you will have an option to use your existing shipping address or create a new one incase you do not want to use the old one. After that choose the desired shipping method and click on "Next".


Option b: you can also continue as Guest If you don't have an account with Avechi,  In this case no sign in is required. To proceed simply enter your shipping information in the form provided, choose an appropriate delivery method and click on "Next". An important point to note is that you will be able to create an account with Avechi after your ordering process is complete.


5 Payment and Order placement .

Go through the details provided to know when you are suppossed to pay for the product. Review your order details and place your order by clicking "Place Order".


6 Success!

Wait for a call from our customer care representatives to provide more details.

order complete

7 Delivery

We have the fastest delivery service in Kenya and deliver across all 47 counties in Kenya. We also do deliveries to Uganda and Tanzania.

How to pay for Products on Avechi

At Avechi you can either pay before delivery or after delivery depending on the product ordered. Avechi currently accepts mpesa, equitel and airtel money.

<h4 >How to pay via Mpesa

1. Go to mpesa menu

2. Select lipa na Mpesa

3. choose paybill option

4. Enter 821350 as business No.

5. Enter your full name as the account

6. Enter the amount

7. Enter your pin and press Ok

<h4 >How to pay via Equitel

1.Go to the Equitel menu

2.Select my money option

3.Choose send money

4.Select from account option

5.Choose send money to Equity member

6.Enter 0765653135 as the account

7.Enter amount

8.Enter your pin and press Ok

airtel money
<h4 >How to pay via Airtel Money

1. From your sim toolkit, select airtel money

2. Select send Money

3. Enter 0754613613 as the phone No.

4.Enter amount

5. Enter your pin and press Ok